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12 March - Cellar Bar @ Southill Park

Back in the gloom of the Southill Park Cellar Bar (...


6 March Farewell Tour Begins

As we prepare to wave goodbye to charismatic front-...


5000 downloads! The world listens...

Flipping heck, people all over the globe are going ...


Hamswell Festival

As sure as summer follows spring, the annual artistic extravaganza that is Hamswell Festival, once more rolls into town (well rural Bath anyway!). Building on the success of the last two years, this summer of love looks to be the most exciting yet. A fresh array of talented musicians, poets, DJs and wandering minstrels are preparing to perform, complementing the solid core of established live acts and previous festival favourites.  Frodo Freud are very proud to have been invited to play at Hamswell in 2008.  This year's festival runs from 15 - 17 August.

Bloodstone Arts

Celebrating and educating the masses of Brighton and beyond on England's traditions, Bloodstone Arts run the Feast of Fools at the Secret Garden Party with traditional song, dance and tomfoolery as well as masses of mead.

Chemica Solutions
Like our website?  So do we!  We have the talented 6-fingered tech-goats of Chemica Solutions to thank for it.

Hoopy Frood
A psychedelic adventure in sound, Hoopy Frood are Frodo Freud’s favourite live band and a jolly nice bunch they are, too.

The Secret Garden Party
Now thundering towards its 6th year, the Secret Garden Party, where Frodo Freud graced the Feast of Fools stage in 2007,  is set in a  beautiful lakeside setting, with babbling brook, floating dance floors, an ever-moving stone circle, tree houses, dressing up boxes, alternative Olympics and a whole host of interactive and inspirational past-times and art works.