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Fronths - a new system of time

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Bored of the conventions foisted upon us, Frodo Freud have re-named the months of...  more


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Fronths - a new system of time

09 Mar 2008

Fronths of the Year Bored of the conventions foisted upon us, Frodo Freud have re-named the months of the year.  These new "Fronths" replace existing nomenclature and are available for use by the general public.

Eeking it out

25 Feb 2008

Who's the dipsomaniac rodent songstress who lengthens her Longoudoc, who teases her tempranillo, who eeks out her  Ernest & Julio Gallo?
Why, it's Amy Winemouse! 

Velcro T-shirts for Friends

18 Sep 2007

You wear the T-shirt with the hook-y front panel, your friend wears the T-shirt with the eye-y bit on the front.  Then you run at each other.  Really fast.  Hey presto - you're stuck together!

The Glove Formation

26 Jul 2007

The Glove When the five members of Frodo Freud assume The Glove formation we look just like a hand.  Or fingers on a wrist.  Yes.

Pirate Map

16 Jul 2007

Pirate Map It's only right that a band of pirates plays from the proper piratical paraphernalia. So when this rollicking group of buckaneers played a charity gig at South Hill Park on August Bank Holiday 2006 we were proud to play from our properly piratical set list.
Which looks just like it leads to buried treasure.
Which, of course, it does. Aaaaaargh!

Cigarette for Two

26 Jul 2007

Cigarettes Next time you want to share a cigarette with someone why not use the Cigarette for Two (TM) - with two filters and central perforation you'll never need to pass a cigarette between you again.  Also available with non-central perforation for when you're feeling generous or greedy.